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Zyon or The Keeper of Storms, is one of the Guardians of the Void. after Fury attains the Storm Hollow, she progresses through the Storm Wing and faces him.


Not much is known about Zyon, except that he's protecting the Storm Wing of the Void for years.

After Fury completes the Storm Wing, she faces the Keeper and offers him the chance to just leave, when he remains silent, Fury fights and destroys him.

His body and powers are later merged with Ionos.


Zyon looks exactly like his fellow Guardians, except that he glows yellow, signifying his role as the Keeper of Storms.


Like his fellow guardians, Zyon doesn't speak or communicate, but he does show anger when he fights.

Powers and Abilities[]

Zyon possesses powerful lightning based attacks. these attacks range from blasts to slams. He also has an attack that strikes Fury where she stands.


During the first part of the fight, Zyon uses lightning charged punches and sweeps, after he's lost a certain amount of health, he'll fall to the ground, but will then release a huge lightning explosion.

During this part of the fight, he begins using lightning blasts. He also uses a slam attack that causes a bolt of lightning to strike where Fury is standing. He also uses a slam attack where he slams the ground with both hands.

Once he's at half health, he'll preform the same explosion attack. during this part of the fight, Zyon will begin using an even stronger version of the lighting strike that hit three times.


  • Zyon is the second guardian you face.
  • He is the only one of his brothers that Fury offers a chance at leaving to.
  • If you have the Storm Hollow equipped, then Zyon will absorb it and power up.