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Wrath Abilities are skills which utilize Wrath in order to gain a certain effect, either defensive or offensive.


Throughout the course of Darksiders 1 and 2, War and Death will obtain various abilities. They can be upgraded which will increase the effectiveness of the ability, making the user stronger overall as a result.


In Darksiders, War has four Abilities:


War using Blade Geyser

Blade Geyser

  • This is the very first Wrath Power that War obtains. It is acquired along with Chaoseater. Blade Geyser is an ability that drives War's blade into the ground and causes blades to sprout up around him, dealing a good amount of damage to anything in the vicinity and draining one of his Wrath bars. With each level up, more blades will come forth from the ground. On fourth level the Blades sprout not once but twice. These Blades bear a close resemblance to the Chaoseater's own blade. However, it is made somewhat redundant by the Affliction ability, as it's damage to Wrath energy ratio is far less than that of Affliction.
Stoneskin lvl4

Stoneskin Lvl 4


  • The skin of War becomes as hard as stone. As each new level increases War's damage dealt and resistance to damage increases. The graphic also changes, starting off looking like stone then more like molten lava as the level increases. This power consumes a little of the Wrath bars over time. It can be leveled up by purchasing upgrades from Vulgrim. Combined with the Abyssal Armor, this ability can severely mitigate damage dealt to War by even boss characters, to the point where blocking and dodging become rather superfluous.

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Immolation level 1


  • An ability that allows War to surround himself in fire. When enemies come within melee range they will be set on fire, causing damage and adding combo hits. This ability drains Wrath over time. This ability becomes available after killing Tiamat.
  • This power can do a significant amount of damage at max level, but it also drains Wrath more rapidly than Stoneskin will. Although this form does offer protection from enemies such as small enemies, it is not as proficient as Stoneskin.


  • War summons magical serpents that fly at enemies and inflict damage upon their target. They continue to attack until Wrath is expended.
  • This Wrath power can deal more damage by buying higher levels from Vulgrim and is the most powerful Wrath attack. It is very good for getting a high combat multiplier and for occupying a tough opponent while at the same time causing massive amounts of damage. It is also worth noting that this is the only one of War's powers that can remain active while in Chaos form, and will function as it normally would even while transformed. Activating Chaos form immediately after using Affliction provides the highest possible damage output that War can generate in the game.
  • This power is available after defeating the Griever.

Darksiders 2[]

In Darksiders 2, Death has eight main abilities, which are divided into 2 trees.

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Harbinger Tree[]

The Harbinger Tree (on the left) is designed for players who want to unleash damage face-to-face with your enemy. "Teleport Slash", "Harvest", and "Reaper Storm" all deal damage directly while "Unstoppable" gives great damage bonuses to those three skills in addition to regular melee attacks.


The skills are listed in the order that they can be unlocked.

Teleport Slash Sub-Tree

  • Teleport Slash is a useful ability in multiple ways. First, Death restores a small bit of his health upon executing this attack. The attack is effective enough to take out normal corruption enemies in a single blow. The move can also be used to move away tactically in a situation where you are surrounded by enemies. Another useful function of this ability is that it can be used to traverse the world on foot more quickly. Utilizing it at the end of Death's three rolls outside of combat allows Death to travel a significant base distance and bypass the small cooldown period at the end of the rolls. It also utilizes no Wrath energy unless used on an enemy.

Harvest Sub-Tree

  • The skill will make Death enter Reaper Form for a small duration, during which Death executes a swirling scythe attack. The attack does a considerable amount of damage and even if someone has managed to escape the attack, the enemy will be pushed back which gives Death a breathing space. The upgrades in this tree can increase Death’s damage output or generate the Reaper energy.

Unstoppable Sub-Tree

  • The skill actually unleashes Death’s fury on enemies daring to attack. Strength and critical hit chance is increased multiple times which enables Death to land lethal blows more frequently. Call of the Grave is a recommended upgrade that will enable you to keep the fury active for a longer duration.

Reaper Storm

  • Reaper Storm is the final skill Death can learn after he has reached level 20. You remember Harvest skill, right? What if I say that this is almost the same thing, but the effect can last for as long as 8 seconds? It's incredible. Whenever you are surrounded by a group of enemies receiving more damage than anticipated, just activate Reaper Storm and enjoy the annihilation.

Necromancer Tree[]

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The Necromancer Tree (on the right) is designed for players who want to use ranged spells and small armies to damage enemies in addition to normal melee attacks. Also, it allows a player to create a very survivable Death. "Exhume" and "Murder" both summon creatures to fight for you. "Aegis Guard" provides significant defensive and offensive boosts. "Frenzy" allows for ranged casts. Additionally, these abilities can be utilized right before a Reaper transformation, potentially allowing for an Aegis shielded Reaper form with Exhume, Murder, and even Frenzy blasts all damaging foes alongside it. If speced into Arcane Critical damage and Arcane Critical chance with Stonebites, this can allow for an almost game-breaking amount of burst damage. If combined with Posessed weapons that can regenerate health, wrath, and Reaper energy, then this can potentially make Death nigh-on invincible.


The skills are listed in the order that they can be unlocked.

Exhume Sub-Tree

  • The skill allows Death to summon some aggressive creatures called Ghouls. These creatures can be helpful in battle by distracting an enemy from Death. If you buy upgrades like Corpse Explosion (Ghouls explode on death) and Max Out (Ghouls last longer), their supportive role can be increased manifolds.

Aegis Guard Sub-Tree

  • If you want defense to be strong, Aegis Guard is the skill you should be spending points on. And if you manage to get the upgrades for the skills Reflect and Grounding, you will also be able to land hits that will do some hefty damage.

Murder Sub-Tree

  • Murder is a decent diversion skill one can possess. Death will able to summon flocks of crows that will swarm enemies and slightly stagger them. You can upgrade Murder for different benefits like restoring Death’s health, restoring his reaper energy or even freezing enemies.


  • All of Death's Wrath meter will be consumed in order to summon a flurry of spirits that swarm enemies and cause hefty damage. You can consume the Wrath potion and execute the move once again. You can use this move even against the most resistant enemies who will otherwise give you a hard time.

Darksiders 3[]

In Darksiders 3 Fury has her own slew of Wrath Abilities, each of them tied to one of her four Hollows.

Flame Hollow

  • Fury's Flame Hollow allows her to continuously drain her wrath and in exchange coats her body in flame until she runs out of Wrath torching any enemies that approach her.

Storm Hollow

  • The Storm Hollow expends all of Fury's wrath to create several electrified twisters which scatter and bounce around the battlefield seeking enemies to fry with lightning for a short period of time.

Force Hollow

  • Fury instantly expends all of her wrath to create a huge explosion that forces back all nearby enemies.

Stasis Hollow

  • Fury's Wrath is continuously drained and in exchange her body is coated in a stasis effect and any enemy that strikes her is temporarily slowed down leaving them open for retaliation from Fury's attacks.



Main article: Devastator

There is an Achievement connected particularly with Blade Geyser - Devastator.


  • Outside of the games, Wrath abilities are displayed several times- in The Abomination Vault alone; Blade Geyser and Stoneskin are used by War, while Reaper Storm and Exhume (possibly Teleport Slash as well) are frequently employed by Death.