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For the game mechanic, see Wrath.
Ahh, yes! More bloodlust. More! More! Let it take you over! There is only glory in pain! Anger is love! Death is life! Do you know how beautiful you are? Especially when you're this angry? In some other reality... I could've loved you, Fury.
— Wrath to Angels, Demons and Fury

Wrath, also known as The Molten Lord, is a member of the Seven Deadly Sins that were originally imprisoned by the Four Horseman many centuries before the Apocalypse. However, upon the End War's premature onset and the destruction of humanity, Wrath, along with his brethren, were freed and began to ravage the Earth and threaten the Balance. He is also the tertiary antagonist and is both the second and later ninth and third-to-last boss in the game.


Wrath feasts on the anger of others, stoking the fires of conflict in all living things to further his violent crusade. The strongest of the Seven Deadly Sins, he relishes the ferocity of battle, dispatching foes with a savage, relentless brutality.
— Description of Wrath, on the Darksiders website.

Wrath is a huge brutish demon either on fire or made out of fire and wearing thick plate mail armor decorated with roaring faces and runes. Feeding off of the violence and hate of a battle, Wrath grows in strength and seeks to spread such violence as much as possible.[1]

Wrath without blade


Darksiders III[]

After being freed from their imprisonment, Wrath and his brethren escaped to the war-torn Earth and each began to mold a portion of the world to their desires. Wrath soon came into conflict with angels that were intruding upon his claimed territory. However, upon easily slaughtering the angels, Wrath is confronted with the Sins' hunter: the Rider of the Black Horse, Fury.

Wrath vs Fury

At first, Fury began to gain the upper-hand in the fight but when calling her steed Rampage to the field, she is distracted and horrified at seeing her horse impaled with an angelic weapon. Taking advantage of his enemy's grief, Wrath attacks and severely wounds Fury with a spare angelic javelin. However, refusing to surrender, Fury uses the very weapon that is impaled in her torso to pierce Wrath's face, weakening him but the effort sends Fury into unconsciousness, allowing Wrath to survive and escape.

Later on, after Fury recovered and took out the majority of the Sins, she finds Wrath in a barren part of the Earth where Demons have taken residence. In a massive arena, where angels and demons slaughter each other, Wrath is at the center, taking absolute joy in the savagery and bloodshed. There, Fury and Wrath battle each other again and he revealed his face but this time, Fury fought without anger, disturbing and confusing Wrath. This allows Fury to get the best of Wrath, successfully defeated him and absorbed his essence in the Talisman of Sin.[2]


Like his namesake, Wrath is rage and hatred incarnate, taking absolute joy in the acts of savagery & brutality, his sole purpose in the universe is to spread his brand of anarchy amongst any he encounters. His very presence can send any in his immediate vicinity into a blind rage askewing them towards combat, as it happened with Fury briefly. Even from a distance, Fury could sense Wrath's hate-filled essence.

Wrath seems to follow some sort of personal manifesto to spread unending violence, stating that "Pain is glory. Anger is love. Death is life", during a mass killing in the demon's gladiatorial arena. He even grows to admire if not outright feel drawn to the anger of another if great enough, as he told Fury that in another reality, he could have loved her.

However, Wrath can't seem to comprehend how someone could fight him without holding onto anger, finding the mere notion of it to be inconceivable as is shown during his second encounter with Fury. Instead of fighting in the midst of a rage fueled stupor like before, she managed to maintain her calm and focus, thus enabling her to best him in battle.[2]

Abilities and Powers[]

Overall Abilities: As a member of the Seven Deadly Sins he is a powerful entity that can never be killed outright, only sealed away; as like with his siblings they're a threat to the balance. Considered to be physically the strongest of the Seven Deadly Sins, second in rank only to Pride herself. Wrath appears an adept warrior during combat, wielding a sword that can optionally be split in twain granting access to more versatility in his attacks, with said blade he can perform a range of different strikes, he's also a capable hand-to-hand combatant with countless millennia of battle experience under his belt.

  • Wrath-Empowerement: Clad in armor infused with the billions of souls claimed in wars over the history of the universe, each enemy that Wrath fells with his dual wielded blades revitalizes & invigorates himself; he's never more powerful than when others fight and die around him. Ones own anger in the midst of battle feeds his strength, thus making it that much more difficult for his opponent to keep up with his explosive growth rate. Basically the harder an enemy fights, the stronger he becomes.
    • Transformation:
      Wrath empowered

      Wrath at his strongest.

      Wrath's "large transformation" is his strongest form and a result of high amount of absorbed anger, burning and glowing more brightly from the overflow of power. The twin-blades are larger as well. The visor of the helmet is open, like the armor around the abdominal muscle area, but closed both again as he becomes weaker. His health is doubled, in order to beat him he must being cut off from all anger sources around, which eventually will reduce his height and strength.


First Battle[]

In the first encounter with Wrath, he will attack Fury with sword combos, he can do a quick sword swipe, do a downwards sword slam creating fire derby and/or do a powerful sword slash, Wrath can also slash both of his swords at the same time and/or slam one of his swords down to the ground, sometimes creating a fire shock wave. After Wrath is down to the last bit of his health, he will combine the swords into creating a flaming wheel that he will then throw at Fury, even without weapons, Wrath is capable of doing hand-to-hand combos attacking Fury with his right arm blade while also attempting to hit Fury with his leg at point-blank range if she approaches too close. After a while Wrath will conger a new pair of swords.

Second Battle[]

First Stage[]

In the second encounter with Wrath, he will now attack Fury with both a single great sword and his bladed gauntlet attached to his right arm, with the sword he can do a sword slash or slam his sword down to the ground. With the blade on Wrath's right arm, he can do a blade slash or slam his fists down to the ground creating a series of three shock waves that Fury can avoid by simply jumping. At times Wrath will also attempt to swat Fury away granted if she's within point-blank range of his kick all though it's fairly easy to avoid. Wrath can also charge straight towards Fury and do a quick slash at her with his blades. Throughout the arena where Fury confronts the sin there're a series of skirmishes fought amongst the background between angels and demons. Fortunately their mere presence does not add to the list of opponents Fury must fight. Unfortunately they do serve a purpose strictly beneficial to Wrath, as after having lost half of his health he will turn his attention away from you then towards said combatants and attack them; which he can use in order to perpetually recover his health with, so it is recommended that you also take out some of the enemies to limit Wrath's recovery or by depleating Wrath's health bar as fast as possible.

Second Phase[]

Though at first the battle is thought to be won after Wrath loses all of his health, he will then get armored up, will split his blades into two and then the real battle begins as Wrath now has a full health bar. This time Wrath will start the battle by throwing his swords like spinning blades which will give him a barrier of some kind and will sometimes fallow him, he will then attack Fury with a series of hand-to-hand attacks, he will charge at Fury in attempt to slash her with his right gauntlet arm, leap at a distance and slam his fists to the ground, after a while Wrath will regain his swords and will use the same attacks that Wrath used previously in the first encounter, tho his double slash has an explosion effect, then, he will repeat this process again.


  • Wrath is one of the two bosses in Darksiders 3 to be fought on two separate battles, the first being (possibly) Envy.
  • With a total of three health bars (one health bar in the first encounter and a set of two health bars in the second encounter), Wrath has the most health out of any boss in Darksiders 3.
  • Wrath has some similarities with Straga from Darksiders, as both get fought two times during the game and both were able to overwhelm the player during their first encounter.
  • Wrath had a certain similarity to Marvel's Hulk, but the other way around. While both using the same source to enhanced their strength and height, yet the Hulk uses his own anger, not the anger of others.