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For the Deadly Sin in Darksiders 3, see Wrath (Character).

Wrath is a game mechanic in the Darksiders series.


In Darksiders, Wrath is the segmented yellow meter beneath War's health bar in the HUD.

Wrath is consumed when War uses Wrath Abilities and refilled by harvesting yellow Wrath Souls. Yellow, Wrath Soul Chests will usually refill Wrath completely. A Wrath Core will add another segment to War's Wrath meter and four Wrath Shards will combine to form one Wrath Core. Once all the Wrath Cores are collected, War has a total of ten segments on his Wrath meter.[1]

Darksiders II[]

In Darksiders II, Wrath is the blue bar below Death's green health bar. It is consumed when Death uses Wrath abilities such as Teleport Slash or Exhume. It is refilled by using Wrath Potions, by using weapons with the Wrath on Hit/Wrath on Crit/Wrath on Execution attributes and by certain Wrath Abilities.[2]

Darksiders III[]

In Darksiders III, Wrath is the red bar below Fury's green health bar. It gradually fills as Fury attacks enemies with Scorn. When filled, Fury can perform a single, powerful attack that heavily damages all nearby enemies. While in one of her Hollow forms, Fury can use a Hollow imbued Wrath attack.[3]