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WraithThe first wraith
Type of Creature Undead
Mode of Travel Flying
Genders Female
Racial Status
Affiliation Hell
Weapons Double swords
First Appearance
Debut Darksiders

Wraith is a type of enemy featured in Darksiders.


Among the horrors of hell there is also seductive beauty. The Wraiths float alluringly above the wastes, their tattered garments billowing gently in the breeze. But beneath a wraith's delicate facade there is only hunger. These erotic foes devour life force, mercilessly extracting it from any who stumble near . Their prey are left mere husks, the cast-away shells of an unholy sirens' feast.

They are specters that have only one desire: to kill War, or as they call him, "Samael's Dog". Their attacks are quite powerful, as they can rip away a great part of War's health with only one strike.


The best way to defeat a Wraith is to focus on one at a time and strike with all of War's strength, while activating Block Counter when they attack, (RB or R1). When one of the two buttons B (on xbox 360) or O (on PS3) appears over them, that's the signal for War to "shut them down", using a devastating finishing move that rips their head right off with War's sword, Chaoseater.

It should be noted that all of the wraith's attacks can be blocked.

Combat tips[]

  1. Using the Abyssal Chain to pull a Wraith to you after knocking it away keeps it off balance, enabling further attacks without retaliation.
  2. Using your Tremor Gauntlet to stun a Wraith, you can deal more damage in combination with the Chaoseater and will be able to kill it faster than any other type of combo.
  3. Constant attacks with the Scythe can essentially "juggle" the wraith, keeping it in the air, and leaving it unable to attack.