Wicked K
Race Wicked
Gender Male
Size Regular
Eyes Yellow
Means of Travel On Foot
Top Hat
Special Features Carries a Cane
Unusually Intelligent Wicked
Wears Top Hat
Affiliation Hell
Partner(s) Demons
Main Weapon Cane
Armor Heavy
Type of Attack Melee, Range
Terribly sorry, but I'll have to kill you now...

Wicked K is a character featured in Darksiders and Darksiders II. A Wicked of unusual intelligence and charisma, this soft-spoken individual has dueled with the Four Horsemen on multiple occasions, usually at the most unexpected places or times.



Given that he's a Wicked, K was presumably a human being before his death during the premature Apocalypse. However, it is unknown how he retained his intelligence or personality as a Wicked.


Enchanted to make your acquaintance, War!

During his adventures through the ravaged Third Kingdom, War stumbled upon K in several secluded areas, who swiftly challenges him to a duel. War bested him, but several more times did they meet again, with each fight fiercer than the last. But K relinquished a healthy bounty of souls to his opponent whenever he was defeated, keeping up a friendly demeanor the whole time.

Darksiders IIEdit

En garde, you boob!

On Death's journey to resurrect humanity, the Pale Rider participated in the Crucible, a supernatural arena located in its own dimension. Unlocking the different segments of the arena, Death eventually conquered all one hundred of its waves in one go, prompting the arena's caretaker to direct the Pale Rider to his master, who waited at the top of the tower located in the middle of the arena.

Upon reaching the top, Death discovered the Master of the Crucible to be none other than Wicked K. The two battle one another, and upon K's defeat, the Wicked departed Death atop of his top-hat, telling Death to remember him as a lover and not a fighter, before screaming into the distance yelling the words "Tea time!"

Personality and TraitsEdit

Darksiders2s 2012-08-20 19-48-51-46

Wicked K at the top of the Crucible.

K could be described as a well-spoken but insane English gentleman. He speaks with a refined vocabulary and is generally very polite towards the people he meets, treating them as well-respected friends and colleagues, even if they're battling. He might also believe in fair play, if his note about "no low blows" is anything to go by.

Even in combat, K is an elegant and respectful individual, using pinpoint attacks instead of large, smashing ones and slowly walking rather than running. He even bows his hat when he knows he's been bested.

Abilities and PowersEdit

While he has demonstrated himself to be a formidable fighter, the full extent of K's powers have yet to be seen. Regardless, what is known about K is that he uses only two pieces of equipment on the battlefield: his walking cane and his top hat. He wields his cane in the same way a fencer would use a sword, stabbing and slashing at lightning speeds. His hat is a more interesting subject; it acts as both a weapon and a means of transport. K can throw his hat, using its sharp edge to cut his enemies, enlarge it to block attacks, or even use it to teleport, be the distance vast or short. His hat is even capable of flight, as he has demonstrated when he flew away from Death after they battled at Crucible.


Ah capital, you made it!
Ah, Bravo... the last horse finally crosses the finish line.
Capital! You've brought a friend!
Death, you made it! I do admire your tenacity! I'm redecorating, I need your opinion.
Enchanted to make your acquaintance, War!
En garde, you boob!
For the love of...
Get up! I'm not finished with you.
It hurts...
I shall throttle you about the face and ears!
Justice Lords help thee...
Prepare for a right royal thrashing!
Remember me as a lover, not a fighter!
Take this, ruffian!
Tea time!
Terribly sorry, but I'll have to kill you now...
The burning!
Tis but a flesh wound!
Two versus one —that's not proper now.
Well played, old friend!


  • According to Vigil Games' general manager, David Adams, Wicked K was a character that the designers had in mind for two years. He is a caricature of Vigil's British contingent and was not added to the game until the final month of programming as an in-game joke.
  • K sometimes mentions the Justice Lords, but who they are in the Darksiders Universe, if they exist at all, is unknown. It could also be a reference to the DC Comics superheroes the Justice League.
  • The K could stand for Killington, as that is the filename used for his textures.