Darksiders Wiki
ZombieA Pair of Wicked
Type of Creature Wicked
Mode of Travel By foot
Genders Male and Female
Eyes White
Racial Status
Affiliation Hell
Partner(s) Other Demons
Weapons Hands
First Appearance
Debut Darksiders

The Wicked are the most common remnants of Humanity left on Earth after the premature start of the Apocalypse. Re-animated by the demonic energy left in the wake of Hell's forces, they are essentially all that is left of the Third Kingdom.


The aftermath of the Apocalypse left Hell victorious on Earth whilst dooming Man. Approximately 100 years since said cataclysmic battle during Armageddon, Humanity had been all but destroyed, the demons leaving dark energy in the wake of their conquest. This negative quintessence twisted and corrupted the mortal remains pertaining to the Earth's inhabitants, animals and plant life as well. This darkness gave birth to the Wicked, twisted shadows of their former selves. Unlike typical Undead hordes that are part of hells infernal armies, Wicked are seen by the demons as little more than a side effect of their conquest, often being ignored or killed off if one gets in a demon's way. The Wicked only serve as fodder for the armies of Hell at least, a minor distraction with some being used as walking bombs at the most.


The wicked 2

The Wicked in a group.

Wicked are classified by the holes in their heads and chest, where the demonic energy glows red, replacing where their heart should be. Most are mindless and stupid, serving the very bringers of their death, and will attack on sight. Despite this, Wicked are not a part of Hell's army, and are often ignored or killed if one should get in a demon's way. They are the first enemies War encounters, and can be found around the Ruined City laying on the floor as if they were still lifeless corpses. Some have been twisted and deformed into walking bombs, these Wicked are large and gluttonous, using whatever magic they were granted by the demons, such as fire, and explode instead of dying. They always appear in groups, unless it is an AoE Wicked, in which case it may appear by itself.



A Wicked male.

Despite being re-animated bodies of people, thus Undead, they are more of a husks filled with dark power, rather than dead spirits and bodies returned from death. They are however apparently capable of showing some form of intellect as evidenced by Wicked K. The Bestiary classifies the larger, deformed Wickeds as an AoE Wicked, (Area of Effect) due to its ability to spit fire/poison/demonic energy in a cone-like area and because they explode when close to death, letting out whatever ability it had on the nearby area.