The Watcher in-gameThe Watcher, War's Warden
Type of Creature Watcher
Mode of Travel Self Propelled Flight, Hovers
Genders Male and Female
Eyes Multiple light blue glowing eyes.
Additional Features Shadowy Creatures, Able to be bound to a person by the Council.
Racial Status
Affiliation The Charred Council
Occupation Wardens, Scouts, Watchers, Observers for the Charred Council.
Partner(s) War (The Watcher, Warden.)
Noticeable Members The Watcher, Panoptos
Weapons Magic
First Appearance
Debut Darksiders
Voice Mark Hamill (The Watcher)
Watchers are wispy lithe figures that serve the Charred Council. Their appearance, dark and shadowy, and abilities seem akin to demons, but they are in fact a created race like the Nephilim. They are neither Angel, Demon, Old One, nor Human. The Watchers were created by the Charred Council to serve them as a slave race.

Physically they are quite weak, but the Council is capable of granting them significant power and binding them to their other servants to keep them in line, a task they seem to relish. As such they are not well liked by the other races throughout Creation.


Watchers serve the council as a slave race. Thus, they have no society to speak of themselves. It is unknown how many Watchers there are. Their main task is serving as the eyes and ears of the Council as well as ensuring that the Council's will is done.

Notable Watcher CharactersEdit

Only four Watchers have been portrayed.

  • Panoptos - The very first Watcher, the Charred Council created him as a test to see how useful a slave race may be.
  • The Watcher - A Watcher bound to War during his journey to prove his innocence to control the Horseman.
  • Unnamed Female Watcher - A Watcher that reported the outbreak of the End War on Earth.
  • "Envy" - Envy usurps the shape of a Watcher in order to deceive the Charred Council and Fury in their quest to hunt down the Seven Deadly Sins.


  • The race was named as the Watchers in Darksiders: The Abomination Vault, prior to that they were believed to be called sprites due to a comment made by Azrael in Darksiders, which was likely intended as a derogatory term.
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