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By their blood we are bound. By their blood we will be freed.

The Wardens, also known as Tormented Gates, are constructs created by the Makers. They are massive stone beings given life by Heart Stones, stones holding the soul of a dead Maker. Some Wardens are actually capable of remembering their former lives as Makers and experience them in dreams. They are also the only known constructs impervious to Corruption.

The Wardens were to be the Maker's toll paid in the End War. As such, when the first six of the seven seals were broken prematurely, most of the Wardens were summoned to Earth from the Forge Lands. After the forces of Hell won the battle on Earth, the Wardens were enslaved by the forces of the Destroyer. They were made into living gates and forced to sleep.

The only known ways to waken them from their slumber is the sound of the Earthcaller and possibly the use of a Maker's Key, but even then some are unable to move unless freed from the clutches of the Shadow Lurkers, which can only be located by seeing into the Shadow Realm.


Notable Wardens[]