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When used, it unlocks the mastery of weapons, dramatically increasing War's combat prowess.
— Ingame description
War's Glory icon

War's Glory is a Legendary Enhancement with numerous useful abilities especially when assigned to Chaoseater. Like Carnage, when equipped to Chaoseater, it also turns it red and makes it bleed, although the bleeding effect is more apparent than from Carnage.


Slotted Bonus[]

  • Drastically increases Chaos gained via the Chaoseater sword
  • Drastically increases Chaos gained by other melee weapons
  • Drastically increases the amount of weapon experience gained

Passive Bonus[]

  • Drastically increases the duration of Chaos Form
  • Drastically increases weapon damage


War's Glory Chest

The chest where War's Glory is contained.

It can be found in the Iron Canopy after War fights the Broodmother - you will come across an area where you are required to use the Abyssal Chain in combination with Shadowflight to cross a great gorge. Using the first shadow current fly straight up and backwards towards the screen. War's Glory is in a Chest on a ledge above the ledge you started on.