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Hmmm. But hardly silent. His voice is the ring of the hammer, and the roar of the white flame.
— Alya about Valus

Valus is a character featured in Darksiders II.


He lives in the Forge Lands with his sister Alya, and operates the Maker's Forge with her in Tri-Stone. When Death restored their forge, Valus helped Alya create a Maker's Key so that the Horseman would be able to reach and awaken the Guardian. Valus also creates both the weapons and the armor that Alya sells to Death. Death later retrieves for him his lost war hammer Splinter-Bone, which he used both for smithing and in combat, earning the Maker's heartfelt, but silent, gratitude.


Valus is a very quiet but hard-working Maker. In fact he practically never speaks during Darksiders II. The pale rider even makes a remark to Alya that while he works, she talks.


  • He stays silent for the majority of the game, only ever speaking one single sentence.
    • If Death tries to talk to him, he simply reply with a "Hmm." or "Mmm-Hmm."
    • The only time he actually speaks is when he is approached right before fighting the Guardian. When Death leaves, either Valus or Alya will say "Good Luck".
  • As described by his sister, he is indeed a man of no words but hardly silent.
  • He wears a blacksmith's protective mask the entire time thus one never manages to see his face.