A new video up on gamespot that explains a bit about the scale of the world and some of the zones. If someone could figure out how to put this up on the main DS2 page, that would be wonderful.

Some lore tidbits from the video: 1) the White City is Vigil's version of heaven; it's sort of like an outpost where the angels are located. 2) The Eternal Throne (where we see the Lord of Bones in teaser videos) is the location of all those who rule over the dead. 3) All the souls of the dead go to the Dead Plains to be cleansed--it's a place that keeps everything in balance.

There's a shot of Samael in the video, and the old crow man from concept art in the Vigil tour video. Strangely enough they haven't shown any angel characters

Devs say that in terms of scale, DS1 is the moon and DS2 is earth