hello I would like to speak to the admins of the darksiders wiki. its about deaths abilities and I have a few seggestions I would like to add in it if you guys don't mind? I have talked to Ravenfirelight about some of the options I have but I was wondering what the admins opinions on them is? like I want to see an outside of game abilities that he has done in comics and in the abomination book. for example about deaths near invulnerable ability that strife said when war stabed him with chaos eater in the first comics. then in the second comics and what ravenfirelight told me about death having controls spirits.: "Death has demonstrated the power to summon and converse with the spirits of the dead" when I showed him the darksiders 2 comic pic. ( I will add some of the evidence) also I want to know if someone can edit this abiltity that he has shown in the book. "◾Accelerated Healing: Death can undo his own entropy, allowing him to heal quickly and making him effectively immortal" because he has healed from big attacks like the one where hadrimon stabs death with the abomination voult weapon; affliction. and lets not forget that he is immortal which I think should be in the ability area. so what do you guys think? should there be an outside game ability or can we put some of the info I have brought up in arnaments and abilities? let me know what you think guys?

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