warhammer 40k



y for the incomplete (and sorry for being to dramatic some would say) its just that I have noticed some similarities between darksiders and warhammer 40k and want you to see some similarities and look to the right You'll see some similarities to warhammer 40k

speculations with the plot and characters

in my evidence to prove this that other people in the game have similare traits (possibly the same) with other factions in darksiders the angels for example they are wearing gold on their armor which is the angels as described in james swallow's Heart of rage.

As with sameal who has some similarities to the daemons

strife, death, and fury are almost identicle to the Tau's, Necron's, and the space elves.

It is most likely that War will be the god emperor that is worshiped by the Imperium of man and the Imperium of man are really nephilim decendents taking the title of man and women and becoming new kind of humans

meaning that War will be fighting alone after all

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