Okay guys I was just editing the Well of Souls page and I had a thought, if Darksiders II is suppose to take place before or during Darksiders then the question remains WHERE THE HECK IS EVERYONE!? Supposedly Darksiders II ends with Death hurling himself into the Well thereby resurrecting humanity, but if that's so then where is Man kind during Darksiders I?

Surely we would be given some indication that Death's quest succeeded in Darksiders I? Then I had a thought: Azrael said in Darksiders I that he was forced to reroute the well so that it's soul incarnation process would be devoted in it's entirety to fueling The Destroyer's armies. So what if the combined might of Corruption, the Nephilim and Human kind had all been funneled into some sort of twisted demon factory?

What if Death's quest has all amounted to naught? This is mind blowing people!

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