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"The blade is scatted. I guard the Seventh Seal!"
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Undead Lord
Shield LordAn Undead Lord
Type of Creature Undead
Mode of Travel By foot.
Genders Male
Eyes Red
Additional Features Heavy Armor
Racial Status
Affiliation Hell
Partner(s) Lesser Demons
Weapons Giant Ice Axe and Shield
First Appearance
Debut Darksiders

The Undead Lords are bigger, more powerful Undead that War encounters in the game.


They appear to have preserved some of their intelligence, as they are capable of speaking, frequently stating that they will take War's Soul, among other threats. They wear Silver armor that covers their putrid corpses. As weapons, this class of Undead soldiers often choose a battle axe imbued with the powers of ice, but stronger Undead Lords are equipped with shield and warhammer, along with green and yellow armor.


There are two variants of the Undead that War fights on his journey: The Ice Lords and the Shield Lords.

In order to kill them, War must first break their armor, so that he can strike their unprotected bodies, making a finishing move, thus killing them.

The Ice Lords have two attacks: one where it runs towards War, imbues it's axe with ice and swings at the rider with its weapon twice; the other when it will step back and slam the axe down right in front of it. For the first attack, the main way to avoid it is to dodge to the side, however advanced players may use block counter on the first hit, and then use block counter again on the second strike. Warning: Both block counters must be timed correctly or War will fail. The main and only way to avoid the other axe slam is to simply dodge out of the way.

The next class are the Shield Lords that can be found at the Black Throne and Choking Grounds near the end of the game. They have improved armor of a green/yellow color and carry a large warhammer and shield. While they carry their shield they have two attacks. One is a giant hammer slam directly in front similar to the first series attack.

The second is when they center their shield, and then push War back. The first attack can only be dodged, but the main way to counter the shield strike is to activate block counter. Once they drop their shields and armor, their attack pattern changes, unlike the first class. They keep the hammer slam attack, but once War knocks their shield off, they almost always yell a taunt, and then move into a spiraling lunge, spinning at War for one of the most damaging attacks in the game. Simply run backwards while targeting them to avoid this attack. It cannot be blocked or countered.