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Tremor Gauntlet

The Tremor Gauntlet.

The Tremor Gauntlet is a multipurpose weapon that can be utilized as a means of attack, to destroy blue rock barriers or to hurl forward a large object currently being dragged.

This weapon can be interchanged with the Scythe by pushing down on the directional pad.


The Tremor Gauntlet is obtained in The Hollows and is required to defeat the Griever.

The Tremor Gauntlet actually does higher damage per hit than the Chaoseater, but this is offset by a slower swing speed and inability to chain long combos together with it, since it inherently knocks enemies away from you. It is very useful for controlling a fight, knocking back weaker enemies while you deal with stronger ones, and juggling groups of lesser enemies.


Whenever you use a charged attack, try to release it at the exact moment the eyes on the gauntlet flash to ensure dealing the maximum damage.

Basic Attacks[]

  • Power Hook - Triangle
  • Cross Crasher - Triangle + Triangle

Special Attacks[]

  • Tremor Smash - (hold) Triangle
  • Earthbreaker - R1 + Triangle
  • Tremor Punch - L2 + Left Stick Backward + Triangle
  • Meteor Launch - Left Stick + R1 + Triangle

Aerial Attacks[]

  • Hammer Smash - X + Triangle
  • Tremor Smash - X + Triangle (hold)


  • Using the Tremor Gauntlet's Earthbreaker move along an enhancement, the enhancement's sprite/aura will stay on War's right hand if unequipped in the middle of the move. This can be combined with other enhancement sprites/auras an amalgamation of auras. the effects of the enhancements do not stay equipped. The effects are believed to not be carried over.
    • This Glitch can be removed by dying, reloading a save file, or using Chaos Mode.
    • Some enhancements will automatically unequip (from the glitch) notably Strife's offering and some others.



Tremor Gauntlet Genesis Render

Another Tremor Gauntlet is acquired by War in the prequel story of Genesis. This Gauntlet has a different appearance despite sharing the same name and function.

Genesis Tremor Gauntlet



Darksiders Tremor Gauntlet