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Tree of knowledge
Each who comes before the Tree receives a different gift. Some receive nothing. Others are driven mad by visions, or simply destroyed.

The Tree of Knowledge know as Heaven's First Gift is a location featured in Darksiders.


The Tree of Knowledge is in fact an enormous tree located in the center of what remains of the Garden of Eden. Archangel Azrael admits he hid it after the Garden fell to ruin, as he could not let it rot nor fall to darkness - being Heaven's first gift as well as greatest weapon. He also revealed that: "Each who comes before the Tree receives a different gift" although the gift is not necessarily positive in nature - it may as well be the destruction of the visitor. Azrael himself never dared to visit the tree, only two characters are known to have been to the Tree, War and the Destroyer.


Death Dealer
"See your journey to its end Horseman, you will understand soon enough."
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War must locate the Tree of Knowledge and use it's gift to find a way to kill the Destroyer; this is how War learns of the Armageddon Blade. It is from the tree's divinations that War discovers the true identity of the Destroyer, and the conspiracy behind the false start of the Apocalypse. War's gift was the truth, as well as the hilt of the Armageddon Blade.

The Destroyer[]

It is revealed by Azrael that Abaddon himself visited the Tree of Knowledge after becoming the Destroyer. What gift Abaddon received remains a mystery but it is heavily implied that the Tree's gift drove the former angel mad.


  • This could possibly be the reference to the Biblical tree, the very tree that bore the forbidden fruits, from which God instructed Adam and Eve not to eat for any reason.
  • War's interaction with the Tree and Uriel following his revelation mirror that in the story of Genesis, but with several differences. War was shown the truth of the Destroyer and used it to enlighten Uriel and together they conquered Abbadon. In Genesis Eve was given the fruit by a serpent and both she and Adam were forcibly cast from Eden.
  • The Tree may be a special version of the Tree of Life, which is said to stand in every realm. The base of the tree is flooded in fog however, and may shroud an entrance to the Well of Souls.