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Godlike-power wideA Trauma.
Type of Creature Demon
Mode of Travel By Foot
Genders Male and Female
Eyes Yellow
Additional Features Gigantic,

Extremely dangerous and durable.

Racial Status
Affiliation Hell
Occupation Heavy assault demon,

Walking Battering rams for the Destroyer.

Partner(s) Lesser demons.
Weapons Themselves,

Their body,
Any nearby debris they can toss.

First Appearance
Debut Darksiders

There are many hellish creatures in the Destroyer's army, but few can match the savage strength of the Trauma. The chains that once bound them hang loosely from their hands and neck. These colossal beasts have mammoth claws on each hand that can shred steel as easily as flesh. They have been seen skewering cars and other debris from Man's reign to hurl at passing angels. Their brutality is fearsome to behold.

The Trauma are huge Demons, powerful enough to lift a bus. The Trauma is the very first enemy War encounters in the game. They possess big and sharp claws that they use to attack their prey. Few are the ones that face the Trauma and survive, for even the strongest angels cannot resist their brute force and attacks. This type of enemy is to be taken seriously, as they will kill War if given the chance to do so.

This monster is a pain in your health, until you are able to get the Abyssal Armor. So, you may want to always watch their arms as they will try to lift it before executing an attack. The best way to kill a Trauma is to use your Scythe. But the Chaoseater works just as well. Memorize its pattern of attacks, don't get hit, and bring down your swift attacks to his rear or around his arms. Using the Tremor Gauntlet's special attacks at the right time can give you more time to bring down more attacks with a lot less retaliation.

When War is in Chaos Form, a Trauma will die in 5 strikes from said ability.

Trivia []

  • The skull of a Trauma Demon can be found in the Tomb of The Deposed King in the area right before the fight with Argul in Darksiders 2. This is likely an easter egg of sorts.