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"I recognize a quest for revenge when I see one. And revenge, I respect!"
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The Tormentor is an undead enemy found in Darksiders II. It is first fought in Judicator's Tomb and bears great resemblance to the Frostbone Titan and the Jailer. They carry a sickle in their right arm, and a few more Sickles are impaled in their giant mutated left arm which are also used for attacks. The Tormentor is also quite slow, allowing for ample time to evade.


Darksiders 2 Tormentor Apocalyptic

These beasts are relatively easy to dispatch, despite their large health pool. The Tormentor rears up before every attack, which allows for an easy dodge, although any attack that lands, causes great amounts of damage. They are usually accompanied by Skeletons or in some cases, another Tormentor.