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The cosmology of Darksiders consists of countless worlds connected by the Tree, and the most prominent of those realms are referred to as the Three Kingdoms inhabited by three distinct races. The First and Second Kingdoms are the most powerful forces in Creation, and the Third Kingdom was supposed to eventually become their equal.


Heaven azr abb ulth

The Archangels Abaddon and Azrael

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The First Kingdom - is a realm of light and order inhabited by the Angels, a fierce warrior race with a great hatred for demons and dedication to their notion of justice. The angels hold other realms in their power as well, such as Lostlight.


Samael DS2

The demon lord Samael

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The Second Kingdom - is a dark realm characterized by violence and torment, it is inhabited by the Demons and is controlled by the Dark Prince. Though demons do control realms outside of it, such as Shadow's Edge.


The wicked 2

Wicked, the remnants of humanity, in the ruins of a human city

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The Third Kingdom - exists separate from the first two kingdoms, a home to Humans. It was to play a major role in the restoration of the balance once Mankind had become ready for the End War, and thus was protected by the Charred Council's treaties. When the Apocalypse began prematurely, humanity was annihilated by the forces of Hell, and was extinct in under 100 years. The remnants of Humanity remain on Earth in their destroyed ruins as the Wicked, nothing more than corpses reanimated by demonic power. The Third Kingdom was only restored after Death's sacrifice at the Well of Souls.