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The Wanderer

Death wearing the Wanderer

The Wanderer Armor is one of the different armor sets Death can acquire in Darksiders II. This set of armor focuses on increasing both Death's Necromancer or Harbinger Abilities. Therefore, it may increase Critical Damage/Arcane Critical Damage, Health/Wrath, Health/Wrath Regen. On occasion, the armor set could even increase all of Death's Basic Stats (Strength, Defense, Arcane, and Resistance). However, it is not advised to equip an empty/unenchanted Wanderer Armor Piece, for it doesn't offer much Defense and is very risky for Combat.


Below are the Statistics for the Basic Set

Name Image Basic Stats
Wanderer shoulder 98x109
+13 Defense
Wanderer body 98x109
+13 Defense
Wanderer gauntlet 98x109
+25 Defense
Wanderer boot 98x109
+12 Defense

Note: The Statistics Above are measured in Level 10 from the THQ's old Darksiders II Page.


The Wanderer set generally has the appearance of loose fitting cloth rags, something that doesn't provide much protection but gives Death plenty of room to maneuver. The amount of coverage varies by armor type although they range from simple, scruffy looking, hand wraps to a full on frayed hood.

Argul's Tomb DLC[]

In Argul's Tomb DLC, Death can aqcuire an Exclusive Wanderer Skin

DLCArmor Argul

An Exclusive Wanderer Armor found on the DLC Argul's Tomb

via Loot Drops from the enemies. The Enhancements in the Armor can be improved by wearing the Hoardseeker Talisman when fighting an enemy.


The development team has noted that each set of armor is almost like a different class for Death with the Wanderer set being analogous to a rogue.[1]