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The Slayer Armor is a set of armor Death can acquire in Darksiders II as a


Death wearing the Slayer Armor

random loot. Slayer armor mainly focuses on enhancing Death's Harbinger Abilities, such as the Strength, Critical Damage and Health Stats. Furthermore, a Heavily Enhanced Slayer Armor may also increase Health Regen Stats. Amongst the three different sets, the Slayer Armor Set gives the most significant boost to Death's Defense and Strength Stats, the second being The Wanderer set, making it the armor set that can enable Death to fight with ease in Close Combat, however, it offers no Resistance Stats boost for Death, and all Elemental Damage are Deadly upon Death.


The Slayer equipment is more or less your typical armor. While the amount of skin it covers varies by type, these all share a general appearance of looking like metal armor with various decorations that provide solid protection.

The Abyssal Forge DLC[]

In The Abyssal Forge DLC, Death can acquire an Exclusive Slayer Armor Skin.

DLCArmor Abyssal

An Exclusive Slayer Armor found on the DLC Abyssal Forge


+ If you Install the Abyssal Forge DLC, Enemies in the Forge Lands will have a chance to Drop the Abyssal Forge Slayer Armor skin.

+ The Slayer Armor will make Death look similar to War.


The development team has noted that each set of armor is almost like a different class for Death with the Slayer set being analogous to a warrior, making Death look like someone who prefers a head up fight as opposed to using his wrath abilities too much.[1]