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Death wearing his default Necromancer Armor, dubbed as the Spellbinder/Sorcerer Armor Set.

The Necromancer Armor is a set of armor Death can acquire in Darksiders II as a random loot. Necromancer armor mainly focuses on enhancing Death's Arcane Abilities, such as the Arcane, Resistance, and Arcane Critical Damage Stats. Furthermore, a Heavily Enhanced Necromancer Armor may also increase Death's Wrath, Wrath Regen, and also Wrath Cost Stats. Amongst the three different sets, the Necromancer Armor Set gives the most significant boost to Death's Resistance Stats, the second being The Wanderer set, making it the armor set that can handle Elemental Attacks, however, it has the lowest Defense Stats boost for Death, making it difficult in Hand to Hand Combat for the Horseman.


The Necromancer armor often takes the form of a cloth wrapped around his limbs or neck, further enhancing the image of a spellcaster.

Demon Lord Belial DLC[]

In the Demon Lord Belial DLC, Death can acquire a unique set of Necromancer Armor, however, this set can only be obtained via Enemy Drop Loots and will not available in any Chests.

DLCArmor Belial

An Exclusive Necromancer Armor found on the DLC Demon Lord Belial


The development team has noted that each set of armor is almost like a different class for Death with the Necromancer set being analogous to a spellcasting class. [1]


  • The default Necromancer Armor, is referred as Death's default Set, due to its use on Trailers, Comics and other Medias. Therefore making it the canon appearance for Death.