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The Maker's Chronicle is a book and that can be obtained during the expansion quest Death Rides.

It is given by Oran after Death has completed the Wandering Stone quest.

  • Go to Muria and she will ask you to find Shadow Seeds in The Fjord.
  • Kill  Prowlers and/or Stalkers until you find six seeds. They can be found across the Fjord.
  • Take the six Shadow Seeds to Muria to obtain the Lodestone.
  • You will need to travel to Baneswood in search of The Maker's Chronicle. It can be found on the upper-middle alcove within the area, to the west of The Nook entrance (setting this quest as active will point the exact location for you).
  • Take the Maker's Chronicle back to Oran and get EXP and Gilt for finishing the quest.