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"See your journey to its end Horseman, you will understand soon enough."
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Soul Searching

The Lost Soul is a side quest featured in Darksiders II. Given by the Angel Nathaniel, it will task Death with discerning the fate of a particular soul. Death can obtain this quest by speaking with Nathaniel after a battle outside the Crystal Spire upon arriving in Lostlight.



  • After speaking to Nathaniel in Lostlight, Death will be asked to carry a scroll to the Eternal Throne to find out more about the one whose name is written on it.
  • Travel to Tri-Stone in the Forge Lands and talk to Muria. Muria revealed more shocking informations about the one Nathaniel seeks; the name on the scroll translates as Vovin; the demonic word for Dragon. The one Nathaniel seeks was a member of Hellguard, but has taken the side of the Demons.


Upon returning to Nathaniel the second time, Death will be rewarded with Experience and Gilt