The Leviathan one of many who bathe in the agony of the revenant.

The Leviathan rising

The Leviathan is a massive Dragon-like creature that appears in the Darksiders II: Death's Door Comic. It lives in the river Styx. Death had to acquire its tongue to use it as payment for a new weapon from Vulgrim.


  • There are two Undead Leviathans that pull the Eternal Throne in Darksiders II.
  • In Darksiders II, while in the City of the Dead, a wandering Leviathan could be seen and heared. Towards the end of the dungeon, in an upper balcony, such a creature has to be avoided in order to get a chest (but remains deadly if touched).
  • It is very similar to The Stygian from Darksiders.