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The Juggernaut Armor Set is the last Armor Tier for the Slayer Armor Set, which can be obtained as a Loot. The Juggernaut Armor Provides the best Defense Stats for Death, but offers no Resistance Stats. Furthermore, an Elite Juggernaut Set will also increase Death's Critical Damage, Strength, and Health Stats.


The Juggernaut Armor's Name depends on what Level Death is on. When Death acquired the Armor in between Level 21-25, the Juggernaut Set will be named in-game as the Executioner Armor. In between Level 26-30, the set will be named as the Juggernaut Armor


The Table Below is the Statistics of the Juggernaut Armor based on Merchants in Darksiders II.

Item Type Image Basic Stats Enchantment 1 Enchantment 2 Enchantment 3
Juggernaut Pauldron
+216 Defense +40% Critical Damage +79 Strength +201 Health
Juggernaut Harness
+216 Defense +40% Critical Damage +79 Strength +201 Health
Juggernaut Bindings
+128 Defense +40% Critical Damage +48 Strength +201 Health
Juggernaut Sabbatons
+128 Defense +40% Critical Damage +48 Strength +201 Health

Note: The Statistics above are measured in Level 30.


The Juggernaut Armor covers most of Death's body with solid metal. It mainly covers Death's left side.


+ The Juggernaut Armor offers the best Defense Stats which surpasses the Abyssal Armor.