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Ivory citadel

Outside the Citadel.

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Death in the ruined courts of the Citadel.

The Ivory Citadel is a dungeon area in Lostlight. The citadel is covered in corruption and many of the puzzles include restoring the city, as well as making the water canals flow again to clear a number of paths through the corruption. It is said that Jamaerah, the citadel's scribe and librarian, still roams the halls.

Death Dealer
"See your journey to its end Horseman, you will understand soon enough."
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The Ivory citadel was originally the stronghold of the realm Lostlight. However, the realm was lost after Archon Lucien had gone mad from learning that Abaddon had become the Destroyer. Archon Lucien went to the city, spreading Corruption and killing many angels while proclaiming his own purity.

The Citadel is only accessible after Death gathered the pieces of the Rod of Arafel on Earth. When the Horseman returned with the staff, Archon Lucien cleared the path to the Citadel and gave him an Angelic Beast to carry him there.


  • This is also were Death gets the Voidwalker ability which will appear as a glowy orb that inserts itself inside Death's arm. It is the last ability Death needs to explore all secrets in the overworld areas of the game.
  • Just before Death climbs the first tower to cleanse the water, there are a cluster of pots behind a lone wall that can be broken to reveal a hidden chest.
  • It is the location of a GnoMAD's Gnome.
  • It is referenced by Azrael in Darksiders: The Abomination Vault, with Azrael stating that his own personal collection of books will reside there.