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I will hunt you down. You'll pay for what you've done!
— The Hunter to Death

The Hunter was one of the few human survivors after the Apocalypse. He sarcastically attributed his survival skills to having been a boy scout.



The Hunter was not without help in his survival of the End War. He eventually attracted the attention of a Demon Lord named Belial. The demon made him an offer of safety and threatened to damn his soul. To stay in the demon's good graces, he would have to give up the locations of other groups of survivors. Out of fear for his own soul, the Hunter did as asked.

The Demon Lord Belial[]

When Death came to Earth in search of human survivors, the Hunter saw him exploring the ruins of human cities and shot at demons in the Horseman's path. When the Nephilim finally tracked him down, the Hunter was unsure what to make of him but answered his questions and explained his situation with Belial, whom Death decided to kill.

After he killed Belial and returned, the Hunter was thrilled but quickly became horrorstruck when told that Belial had been bluffing about holding power over his soul. The human told the Nephilim that he couldn't live with himself for all the people he had given up to Belial and asked the Horseman to kill him. Death agreed to the request and slit his throat.

Skills & Abilities[]

While the hunter has no powers to speak of, he has exceptional survivalist skills as he was able to avoid demons for some time. The Hunter has also demonstrated to be a skilled marksman and sniper as he was able to kill a demon with his sniper rifle in one shot. He also seems to be an exceptional machinist as he fashioned a fake leg for himself out of scrap metal and what appears to be the shock absorber from a car.


  • A human survivor called The Hunter was planned to appear in Darksiders, but he was later scrapped from the game by the developers. The character was revived for The Demon Lord Belial DLC.