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"All of creation cares not whether you live or die."
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The Horsemaster

The Horsemaster

He has no name. At least none he has ever given. He is known as The Horsemaster. Custodian of the far fields. When he is at rest no being has known greater serenity. And when called to arms... no being is swifter at bringing everlasting darkness... save for me.
Death describing The Horsemaster

The Horsemaster is a mysterious being who watches over the herds of horses on another world. He is the one who gave the Horsemen their horses when they came to him. Death went to him so he can open a serpent hole that leads to Earth for him since the Charred Council did not issue his assignement.


Death describes the Horsemaster as a being of immense serenity but, when enraged, he is very quick to kill. He also deeply loves his horses, including those that belong to the Four Horsemen. He is willing to help Death as he knows that the Rider's causes are always just. 


The Horsemaster has extremely keen senses, being able to intercept Death, who is well known for his agility and speed. He is also able to open Serpent Holes.