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The Hellguard is a part of Heaven's forces led by Abaddon, and later Uriel, dedicated to wiping out the Demons of Hell.


Long ago, the Hellguard was amongst Heaven's host at the battle of Eden, where they fought alongside the Four Horsemen against the Nephilim led by Absalom. One soldier, Nathaniel, had his life saved by Death, though the horseman would forget him.

Millenia later, Abaddon led the Hellguard to Earth during the End War, but found that Hell's legions were prepared for them. The Hellguard lost the ensuing conflict and Abaddon was apparently killed by Straga. War, a Horseman of the Apocalypse, was blamed for his death.

In the aftermath, Uriel took command and continued to lead the remaining Hellguard against the legions of Hell and the Destroyer. The Angels were cut off from the White City until earth was free of the Destroyer. The Angels of the Hellguard fought against the Destroyer's army for 100 years and hunted War when he returned to Earth. When the Destroyer's true identity was revealed to her, Uriel lead the Hellguard in an attack against the Destroyer, but failed.

War saved Uriel and slew the Destroyer, completing the Hellguard's mission.

Known Members[]

  • Abaddon - The Archangel that originally lead the Hellguard, Abaddon fell, in more ways than one, in the initial battle of the End War.
  • Nathaniel - A former member, Nathaniel left the Hellguard to serve Archon Lucien of the Crystal Spire.
  • Uriel - The current leader of the Hellguard, Uriel ascended to leadership at Abaddon's death.