Harvester concept

Concept art of The Harvester.

The scythe was enormous, taller than its wielder. Its blade was a hideous thing, jagged and crafted like the wing of some great beast, longer than Death’s outstretched arms fingertip-to-fingertip.
— The Havester, Darksiders: The Abomination Vault

The Harvester is Death's scythe, created by Death himself during the Nephilim crusade. He is able to control the weapon mentally, and can psychologically summon it to his hand should he need to devastate enemies.

Contrary to belief, the scythes Death uses in his humanoid form are not a form of the Harvester; they are dual scythes found throughout the game of Darksiders II. The Harvester IS used by Death in Darksiders II, but only in his Reaper form. While not in Reaper form (this includes when he is partially in Reaper form during combos) Death uses a plethora of different kinds of scythes, some with elemental powers. It is also worth noting that the Harvester changes appearance from its original showing in Darksiders I as in Darksiders I, the Harvester did not have faces of torment displayed. It also shows souls swirling around it when War uses it during fights in Darksiders I while in his Chaos form. In the second game the blade is larger than Darksiders I and has faces with glowing eyes carved in.

Obtaining The Harvester in DarksidersEdit

Please be aware that once the code is entered, the Harvester permanently replaces the regular Scythe unless a new game is started. If you already own the regular Scythe, it will be replaced with the Harvester.

War is able to buy the Harvester from Vulgrim if a code has been entered. The Harvester replaces the regular Scythe (which has a different appearance) War can buy before a player enters the code and yields more Souls when killing an enemy than either the regular Scythe or any other weapon. Both the scythe and the Harvester are very good "crowd control" weapons, able to hit many opponents at once around you in a circular sweep, and releases a few more souls when enemies are killed, as well as being able to be momentarily thrown at an enemy in a similar manner to the Crossblade. You can also attach any enhancement, such as Reaper or Death's Blessing, both of which greatly support The Harvester or Scythe.

Originally slated as a pre-order exclusive for GameStop in North America (and EB Games in some other countries), the pre-order code was made the same for every pre-order, meaning that anyone can press Start during a game and enter the code to unlock The Harvester for purchase at Vulgrim's store, although The Harvester you unlock is free. Vigil Games naturally has issues about releasing the passcode without a pre-order purchase, though the information is easy to find on the internet. The code used to unlock The Harvester is "The Hollow Lord". The Scythe can be unlocked in the game at Vulgrim's store for Free in the weapons section.

In Darksiders Warmastered Edition, War can purchase Harvester from Vulgrim for 5000 blue souls without entering code. After War has purchased Harvester, regular Scythe will become free and can be switched with Vulgrim.

Upgrades and movesEdit


The menacing blade of Death himself.

The harvester

The Harvester.

War is able to purchase upgrades for the Harvester from Vulgrim which increases its damage output, combos it is able to perform, etc. Below is a list of upgrades:

  • Reaper Blade - Performs a spinning attack which knocks back enemies in a circle around you.
  • Air Reaper Blade - Performs a spinning attack after jumping in the air which knocks back enemies in a circle around you.
  • Hell Razor - Throws the Sycthe to the ground, spinning to the enemy in front of its path, slashing the enemy several times at once.


Basic AttacksEdit

  • Sweep Attack - Y/Triangle
  • Return Slash - Y/Triangle + Y/Triangle
  • Reaper Claw Y/Triangle + Y/Triangle + Y/Triangle

Special AttacksEdit

  • Death Rage - RB/R1 + Y/Triangle
  • Reaper Blade -(hold) Y/Triangle
  • Hell Razor - LT/L2 + Left Stick Backward + Y/Triangle
  • Reaper's Revenge - Left Stick + RB/R1 + Y/Triangle

Aerial AttacksEdit

  • Air Grinder - A/X + Y/Triangle
  • Air Reaper's Revenge - A/X + Y/Triangle (hold) (Performs a powerful spinning uppercut to a single enemy.)


  • The Harvester is thought to not be unlockable in the PC version of the game, but some rumors say it can be obtained by entering the code, but they fail to mention where, as the option "Enter Code" is not present on the PC version. If you have the Hellbook Edition of Darksiders on PC, the Harvester is already unlocked to buy from Vulgrim. If you do a savefile hack, you can buy the harvester on the PC version.
  • The Harvester gives an additional +10% souls without any slotted enhancements, compared to unslotted sword / gauntlet.
  • The Harvester gives an additional +30% souls when slotted with Reaper enhancement.
  • The Harvester gives an additional +60% souls when slotted with Death's Blessing enhancement.
  • Death's weapon, The Harvester is also included in the comics.
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