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The Grock is a boss enemy in Darksiders III and one of The Chosen that Fury encounters on her adventures, he is also the fifth and final Chosen boss fight and is the eighth boss in the game.


The Grock is a giant goblin with a set of huge horns.

Powers and Abilities[]

The Grock posses hand-to-hand combat thanks to his club and posses great strength, being able to hurl rocks with ease.


The battle with Grock is rather straight foward. In the battle with Grock, he will attack by either swinging his club (up to two or three times) at Fury or by digging up giant rocks and throwing them at Fury, he will also swipe his left hand at Fury. After half of his health has been depleted, the Grock will do a ground slam with both of his fists, when battling the Grock, the Player should keep their distance and attack while the Grock's guard is down. Like-wise, the battle agents the Grock is relatively straightforward.


  • The Grock is the only Chosen in game to be mandatory to fight in order to progress in the story.
  • The Grock is the only Chosen in Darksiders III to have an original design and have original attack patterns, while the other four Chosens are just basically stronger and different colored versions of enemies seen in-game, use the same attacks except stronger, have more health and also having one new attack.