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The Gilded Arena

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The entrance to the arena from the Eternal Throne


Early concept art of the Arena.

The Gilded Arena is a dungeon-style location in the Kingdom of the Dead. Gnashor is the Arena champion, who has grown powerful through defeating each foe who confronts him and devouering their souls. In Darksiders II. Death must traverse the Arena and defeat Gnashor in order to gain an audience with the Lord of Bones. The only known person to defeat Gnashor prior to Death is the (now-dead) human warrior Draven.


  • This is the first place where Death encounters a Scarab Hulk, right before getting the third Animus Stone.
  • It is the location of the quest The Toll of Kings.
  • When searching for the second Animus Stone, a hidden chest can be revealed by destroying all the large gravestones in one of the rooms. This is reminiscent of a similar hidden chest puzzle in Darksiders, in the Choking Grounds.