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Dark Talons


Required Level:


Damage: 58-62
Damage Type: Fast
Ice Damage: 12
Arcane: 6
Special Ability: Ice Touch


Defeat the Construct Guardian at Stonefather's Vale in The Forge Lands on PC and Deathinitive Edition only.


A Dead Lord loyal to the deposed king, Argul, forged these claws from the heart of a glacier. When Argul was overthrown, many of his lieutenants were destroyed - and the Dark Talons were thought lost forever. These weapons seethe with the seence of deep winter cold, and every strike freezes the blood of its victims. Those enemies that the claws freeze into immobility are even more vulnerable to its touch, suffering horrendous wounds from any follow-up attacks.
— In-Game Description, Darksiders II

The Dark Talons are a pair of legendary black claws that appear as demonic skulls each with four bright yellow eyes. When wielded by Death, it causes enemies to be frozen and encased in ice when struck with consecutive hits.