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War on the Crossroads.

The Crossroads is a location featured in Darksiders.



The Crossroads.

A part of the Destroyed City, it is here where War first encounters the Demon merchant - Vulgrim earning an Achievement, Death Dealer. The location itself might be divided into two main areas: The Large Parking Lot and The Library.


Enemies in the early game consist mainly of Wicked and Phantom Guard although a Gholen and Fleshbursters will also be met. Upon returning in the later game one will also meet Dark Angels and the Heavy Armored Phantom Guards.



The Crossroads Map.

Parking Lot[]

After leaving the Seraphim Hotel War ends up in the middle of a vast plaza, Vulgrim can be found in the center of it. This part of The Crossroads is essentially a large open space with many destructible elements that yield Currency Souls. It is also worth to mention that this area is rich in Crows so if one would need to replenish Health it is a good place to do it.


Collect 500 Souls Upon receiving it from Vulgrim he will also give War the Hoardseeker. In order to advance further to the Library, War has to wake up the Tormented Gate and to do this he needs the Earthcaller. Vulgrim will award it for 500 Currency Souls. Completing this task will earn To Move a Mountain Achievement.


In this part of The Crossroads there are nine Chests, one Soldier Artifact, one Armageddon Blade Shard and one Enhancement.

No. Type Content Required
01. Chest 100 Currency Souls -
02. Chest 100 Currency Souls -
03. Chest 100 Currency Souls -
04. Chest 200 Currency Souls -
05. Chest 500 Currency Souls Smash all 6 hydrants without killing an enemy.
06. Chest Health Souls -
07. Chest Health Souls -
08. Chest Health Souls -
09. Chest Hellfire Enhancement Tremor Gauntlet
10. Collectible Soldier Artifact -
11. Collectible Armageddon Blade Shard Shadowflight, Abyssal Chain, Mask of Shadows


After using the Earthcaller to wake up and move the Tormented Gate, War unblocks a passage to the Library. It mainly consists of narrow corridors, leading to one large room.


In this part of The Crossroads there are five Chests and one Soldier Artifact.

No. Type Content Required
12. Chest 100 Currency Souls -
13. Chest Health Souls -
14. Chest Health Souls -
15. Chest Lifestone Shard -
16. Chest Wrath Shard Abyssal Chain
17. Collectible Soldier Artifact Shadowflight


  • Meeting Vulgrim who is a Demon for the first time in a location called The Crossroads might not be random and might be a intentional. After all, dealing with demons on the crossroads is a part of human folklore.