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"All of creation cares not whether you live or die."
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To question them is to question the Creator... do you believe you know better?
Azrael to Abaddon

The Creator is the unknowable being which fashioned both the whole of Creation and all the powers therein. For this reason, He is considered both omnipotent and eternal. Virtually all beings within the realm acknowledge the Creator in some way; Angels revere Him as their father and the architect of all wisdom, Demons curse Him as an impotent and lazy tyrant, and the Charred Council claim that it was He who charged them to keep the cosmic balance.

It is believed that the Creator once spoke frequently to His creations many ages ago - offering guidance in times of dire need and protection to those precious few who earned divine favor - however He has since grown silent; leading many to suspect that He has abandoned Creation.


  • Whether or not The Creator has actually abandoned His Creation, or for whatever reason prefers to avoid directly interfering in it, remains unclear throughout the story.
  • The Creator, like most religious elements in the setting, is likely drawn from Christian apocalyptic beliefs. The degree of similarity remains ambiguous.
  • Though his people were not creations of the Creator, Death knows of The Creator's legends and mysteries but he himself only partially believed in Him.
  • It is likely that the Christian God is paralleled in The Creator as he also Created all of Creation but currently it is not known if they are the same person within their respected worlds and communities of faith.