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The brien

The caves of The Broken Stair


War traveling through the Broken Stair

The Broken Stair is a part of the Destroyed City, a highway that is now completely broken apart by the Apocalypse. This area also contains a great amount of ashes, from the humans that were destroyed here. This area has a large variety of enemies, the most common being the Wicked and the Angel (near the end of the game).

The Trauma also makes an appearence here, throwing cars at War, when he approaches the Angel's guard post. This is also where he finds the Angelic Beast, which he must use to travel to Tiamat's domain, The Twilight Cathedral, as Samael warned him that the whole of her domain is a blistering inferno that War would never get to by land. Upon reaching the Angel's guardpost, War has to destroy some Phantom Guards that guard the entrance. Upon doing that, he travels to the Twilight Cathedral.

War later returns here to find the piece of the broken Armageddon Blade.