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"See your journey to its end Horseman, you will understand soon enough."
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"All of creation cares not whether you live or die."
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For a time, the Makers established and maintained many Bridge Stones, making travel between realms and distant lands simple for all. However, as the war raged and things grew dire, they undid their work, rendering the stone useless.
— Jamaerah the Scribe
The Bridge

The Bridge

The Bridge is a powerful magical relic created by the Maker Ulthane for his confidante Fury to use throughout her journey in Darksiders III. Primarily to pick up any stray surviving Humans she comes across along the way and send them to the safe zone called Haven. By the Blackhammer's design, it'll only work on humans for it's specific purpose is to transfer the remnants of man into his and his fellow Old Ones care for their safety.


Once, many millennia ago, the potent Maker relic known as the Bridge was once common place amongst the various realms made for the express purpose of safe and easy travel between worlds and over great distances.

But the constant fighting between heaven and hell, coupled with the fear of what would come to pass should either side get their hands of one such craft, Urged their creators to discontinue their functionality indefinably to prevent their abuse. Only a handful of these items of transport can be found anywhere, much less on anyone to this day.

Fury whom was on a quest set by The Charred Council happened upon the refuge created by Ulthane and his fellow Makers.[1]

Initially overjoyed to find that a Horsemen was amongst them, there was only disappointment to be found in how she blithely scoffed at the idea of protecting whats left of the human race. With some choice words and a but of convincing however the caretaker of the human survivors offered up his services to build up her arsenal for her in exchange for every human survivor whom she finds guides his way.

The rider mockingly questions how the hairless simians, read humans, are supposed to trek across hostile territories in order to get there. To which Ulthane hands her the Bridge Stone, which will automatically transport any humans who touch it to their shelter. The Black Rider agrees to his terms, irregardless of being loathed to the idea of actually touching them, and would use the stone to transport.