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The Abyssal Forge

The Abyssal Forge is the final boss of the Darksiders 2 DLC of the same name. The Abyssal Forge is a massive construct created long ago by the Mad Smith to harness the sheer chaotic power of the Abyss. Unfortunately, the Forge soon went rogue, setting out to conquer all of creation so that it’s creations might rule. The Forge was eventually destroyed by the horsemen Death, who was sent by the Forge's own creator to put an end to it once and for all.



I crafted The Abyssal Forge to harness the power of the Abyss. It lives, it breeds. It creates constructs that can then build more Abyssal Forges... Hahaha!
— The Mad Smith on his masterpiece.

The Abyssal Forge is a construct created by The Mad Smith some time ago. It is capable of harnessing the power of The Abyss to create powerful constructs, which can in turn build more Abyssal Forges, perpetuating themselves indefinitely. However, the original construct intended to use this as a means of conquering and ruling all of Creation.

Fortunately, it was imprisoned in the Shadow Lands by the Makers and forced to put its plans on hold. In the meantime, it continued to produce contracts, building itself an army in preparation for its eventual conquest of Creation. It’s creator later attempted to destroy it, with no success.

The Abyssal Forge[]

The Abyssal Forge: You are not like the Makers. You are neither angel nor demon, but something of both. What is your function?
Death: I am Death.

— The Abyssal Forge and Death before battle

Darksiders 2 The Abyssal Forge Apocalptic

When the Corruption destroyed the protective barriers preventing anything from entering or leaving the Shadow Lands, Death found himself transported there during his journey. There, he met the Mad Smith, who asked the Horseman to destroy his creation. When Death found and challenged the Forge, it claimed that its function and purpose was to conquer all of creation- but the Horseman refused to allow this.

The Forge noticed that Death was neither Angel or Demon, but something of both, and asked his function: the Horseman answered that his function was death. The Nephilim fought the Forge and dealt enough damage to reveal its Heart stone. Using his Reaper form, Death attacked and destroyed the stone. The Forge thus lost all its power and melted into the pool of molten metal from which drew materials, ending the construct's ambitions to rule creation for good.


  • Magma Manipulation - The Abyssal Forge can do ground pound attacks that release waves of molten magma. It can even fire balls of magma from its mouth. Later on it will cause parts of the arena to erupt with magma.
  • Construct Summoning - At times, the Abyssal Forge can open hatches built into the ground and summon constructs to battle for it.


  • The Abyssal Forge, along with Frostbane, are the last bosses in their respective DLCs whose power comes from the Abyss.
  • Unlike other constructs which appear to be made of stone, The Abyssal Forge and its creations appear to be made of steel or iron.