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Thane's Quest is a series of four side quests given by Thane. It is a series of boss fights between Bheithir, Gorewood, Achidna and the Deposed King Argul. The quest chain is triggered by defeating Thane in a friendly fight in Tri-Stone.

Thane wishes Death to prove himself as a true reaper and banish vile creatures within the worlds.

The bosses can be defeated in any order, but it's advised to save Argul for last.



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Bheithir is a bat beast of fire and smoke and can be located within the basement of The Nook. Bheithir is a flaming, fiery bat located in the lava area. Death must obtain the Death Grip to be able to cross over the bridge. Bheithir flies in circles before engaging in combat. Upon defeating Bheithir, Death will receive Bheithir's Talons, which deals extra fire damage and burns the target.


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Gorewood is a nature spirit that used to inhabit the forest in the Forge lands and is found in an underground chasm within The Weeping Crag. His lair can be found by swimming through an underwater tunnel. To find the tunnel, locate the room where the level 5 Stalker appears. Drop down through the hole towards the northwest. There is a staircase that winds down into the water, and by diving down into the deepest area of the water will lead you to him. Upon defeating Gorewood, Death will receive the Gorewood Maul.


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Achidna, the giant spider, is the only boss within this quest chain that is necessary to defeat as part of the main story. Basileus, the third and final Dead Lord, and Achidna are considered the first real double boss fight within the game. Upon defeating Achidna, Death will receive Achidna's Fangs.


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Argul, the former ruler of the Dead Plains, can be found in The Lair of the Deposed King within Leviathan's Gorge. Argul is a towering ice skeleton and wields a mace. A tough adversary, it's advised to hold off on fighting him until Death is at adequate strength. Upon defeating Argul, Death will receive the Scepter of the Deposed King.


After defeating each of the four targets, Death can return to Thane in Tri-Stone to be rewarded experience and gilt. Once all four bosses are defeated you will also receive the 30 GP Achievement 'Like a Noss'.


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