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"All of creation cares not whether you live or die."
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Hmph. The Reaper. It's about time you came.
— Thane greeting Death

Thane is character featured in Darksiders II.


Thane is a Maker, an ancient warrior and the brother of the legendary blacksmith, Ulthane. Thane has traveled far and wide across The Abyss felling many a foul beast with his prized ax Bess.

Greater still are the creatures that Thane has not felled but still comes to desire the end of: Achidna Queen of the Spiders and subject of an unpaid debt, Argul, Former mad king of the dead, Bheithir, fiery predator of the Makers, and Gorewood, former friend turned twisted beast.

Yet in spite of this unfinished business the threat of extinction has called him home to his people in the Forge Lands, as Corruption has turned many a friend against them: what's even worst it has buried the trail to the Tree of Life and Death in its rot.

Darksiders II[]

Trapped in his homeland, Thane is not surprised to see one of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse Death come to visit Tri-Stone, only that he is not there for them.

Still, the Maker takes an odd relationship with the Rider, teaching him some new moves and Death challenging him to a friendly spar. When their fight has ended Thane steers the topic to the beings that he calls Death.

Thus, Thane tasks Death to play executioner, hunting down and ending the lives of the creatures on his "checklist" and when his task is said and done rewards him with a generous helping of gold. However, other far more pressing matters than a mere wager occupies both Maker and Nephilim's time: for the Guardian who was meant to purge the corruption plaguing the realm has been corrupted instead.

Thane tried to fight the maddened giant and was beaten bloody for his trouble, leaving Death the task to end the so-called protector. To Thane's surprise not only does Death defeat the Guardian, but also checks off each monster on his hit list earning the ancient warrior's respect in the process.


Thane takes after his brother in many ways: bold, boisterous and not even remotely afraid of a fight, even with a horseman of the Apocalypse. Still, the ancient warrior has his own brand of wisdom to share, and his own skeletons in his closet needing to be dusted out.


Thane is an old maker, one with his brown hair tied into a ponytail and covered in aged armor with red cloth. After the Guardian 'passes through' Tri-Stone the injuries from Thane's fool hardy attempt to fight the corrupted construct are made quite clear with a smashed face and cracked armor. He doesn't get better.