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"All of creation cares not whether you live or die."
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There is almost nothing that the Seven fear on this or any other plan of existence. They will spread their poisonous destruction as along as they are able, with no thought given to their own preservation. But there is one thing. Something that strikes terror into their rotten hearts. Captivity.
Talisman of Sin

The Talisman's Lore

The Talisman of Sin is an ancient artifact created by the Charred Council (as noted by Envy after revealing herself) and retrieved by Fury after she defeated the false Envy. It has the ability to absorb the Seven Deadly Sins and hold their power. It is also designed to track the Seven Deadly Sins which is why the real Envy coveted it hating the fake Envy for having it. It glows with the coloration of whatever Sin is closest and since Envy is always right next to Fury the Talisman glows yellow-green. It hums when a Sin is close by and when more than one Sin is nearby the hum grows stronger.


Fury used the Talisman in her journey to destroy the Sins; after defeating each Sin she used the Talisman to absorb them and trap their power inside.

When Envy revealed her true self to Fury, she stole the Talisman and with it, all the powers of the Sins (which she preceded to alter into her own yellow-green energies). She then left Fury for dead before setting off to confront the Charred Council.

After defeating the real Envy, Fury retrieved the Talisman and confronted the Council while calling them out on their manipulation. After withstanding a brutal assault from the Council, Fury tossed the Talisman at them and it exploded, destroying it.[1]