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Early war swarm

War (early concept) fighting the Swarm.

Swarm is a group of enemies featured in Darksiders.


Even insects, the most resilient of all earthly life forms, did not survive the Apocalypse unscathed. There are no more bees, or moths, or dragonflies -- only the infernal Swarm. These monstrous locusts buzz above the wastes in thick clouds. Individually, they are faceless clumps of carapace and wing, delicate yet surprisingly lethal.
At least half of their mass is a stinger, forked and dripping venom. Their poison does not kill, but it tars at the skin, and that is its greatest torment.

They are the The Griever's offspring.


A fairly weak enemy. Are giant locust that will swarm and attack you. The damage they cause is very little and are mostly just for gaining health by using the action/instant kill button. Each locust killed this way will give you a small amount of health. You can use the Crossblade but its best just to use the action button instead to gain health.They can be beaten very easily with the Scythe (or the Harvester).


There are three kinds within The Swarm.


The green, basic variation. Small, winged creatures that move in hoards. Signature attack: Pincer Stab.


The blue variation. Locust hybrid that can shoot bursts of electrical energy.


The red variation. A hybrid of the Locust which shoot the molten projectiles. Signature attack: Fire Bolts.