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Strife's offering icon
When used, unlocks the mastery of guns, greatly increasing War's effectiveness in ranged combat.
— Ingame description

Strife's Offering is a Legendary Enhancement with numerous useful abilities especially benefiting Mercy.


Slotted Bonus[]

  • Boosts weapon damage
  • Generates Wrath on killing blows
  • Generates Chaos on killing blows

Passive Bonus[]

  • Drastically increases projectile attack damage
  • Increases War's defense against projectile attacks


Strifes offering location

Location of chest with Strife's Offering.

In The Ashlands' tunnels, where you find Overlord Artifact, near the area with 8+ Goremaws and the large chunk of ceiling you bomb down, in the eastern end of this tunnel lies this enchantment. This requires use of the Abyssal Chain.