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Storm Warden
StormbolterA Storm Warden.
Type of Creature Angel
Mode of Travel Self-Propelled Flight, Occasionally seen riding an Ortho (More for the heavy fire power than for travel purposes.)
Genders Male
Eyes Gold
Hair Colors Unseen
Additional Features Armor is predominantly Silver than Gold (unlike the other angelic armors.). Large Gold wings, they carry around Redemption weapons.
Racial Status
Affiliation Heaven
Occupation The Best of the Best of the Hellguard
Partner(s) Other angels, commonly Angel Soldiers, rarely another Stormbolter or an Angel Champion
Weapons Redemption Cannon
First Appearance
Debut Darksiders

Storm Wardens are Heavenly Soldiers which were hand-selected by Archangels themselves, as they are the elite of the elites in the army of light.They do not appear often in the game, as the few appearances they make are located near the end of the game.

Appearances and Difficulty[]

These angels carry with them a Redemption Cannon that fires balls of flames against the unfortunate ones that place themselves in the weapon's range. Their armor is different from the rest of the Hellguard, as it is silver with little ornaments in gold, while other angel soldiers' armor is usually gold.

They are rather difficult to defeat as they are not only very resilient, but highly mobile. Their Redemption cannons are able to pack a great punch and they should be dealt with cautiously as the weapon can also knock War back. To finish them off, they must be grounded by War, where he can then end the Angel's life.