Static Blades


Required Level:


Damage: 213-245
Critical Chance: +10%
Arcane Critical Chance: +15%
Special Ability: Static Shock


It is given to Death by Draven upon completion of DLC side quest "The Bloodless " in new game+.


This scythe once belonged to an angel, a messenger tasked with traveling through countless realms. The messenger captured the spirit of a mighty storm within her weapon, channelling the strength of the tempest as a conduit to strike down her foes with swift lightning. In the chaos of the End War, the unknown messenger has vanished, and her weapon has fallen to await a new wielder.
— In-Game Description, Darksiders II


+ Once Death reaches Level 25 and above, the Static Blades' Skin will appear as a common weapon skin, along with Black Demise and Demonflame Renders' Skin.

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