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Stalkers are enemies encountered in Darksiders II and its expansions.


Stalkers are feline predators that primarily reside in the Forge Lands. Highly aggressive and territorial, they can power themselves up when angered, greatly increasing their attack power and speed. Upon appearing alongside Prowlers, they are one of the strongest creatures Death will encounter in his quest.


  • Stalker - These are first encountered within The Cauldron where they will engage any Constructs as well as Death. They later appear in several other dungeons, usually alongside Prowlers. Death must defeat a Stalker to acquire its bone which are part of a side quest given by Muria.
  • Savage Stalker - A version with red scales that powers itself up more frequently than other variants.
  • Undead Stalker - Reanimated Stalkers encountered throughout the Kingdom of the Dead.
  • Bloodless Stalker - This ethereal creature can be encountered in the Baneswood. See the article on Bloodless.
  • Ice Stalker - Stalkers infused with ice that only appear in Argul's Tomb.
  • Forge Hunter - A beast of metal and flame that prowls the Forge. Encountered in Abyssal Forge DLC.