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Spark of Life is a side quest in Darksiders II. It can be obtained from the Maker Shaman Muria in Tri-Stone after completing Heart of the Mountain. Muria will explain to Death that she attempted to create a living construct without the soul of a Maker. Her attempt failed - the construct, driven mad by its burning core, killed a young Maker and fled to parts unknown, taking on the name of Ghorn. Muria will then task Death with finding and eliminating it.


  1. Find the Mad Construct's Home
    • Ghorn can be found in The Scar, a mini-dungeon located just off the Charred Pass.
  2. Kill the Mad Construct
    • Navigate the Scar and confront Ghorn at the end.
  3. Return to the Shaman
    • Speak to Muria and complete the quest.

Note: The enemies within the Scar are level 17, and are likely too strong to take on during Death's initial time in the Forge Lands. It is advisable to reach at least level 15 before attempting this quest.


Upon reporting your success to Muria, you will recieve Gilt, Experience, and a Skill Point.